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Cloud Backup Service
When was the last time your company’s backup was tested and restored from?

Does your backup include all of the user data located on the workstations?

How old is your server, and if it is older than 3 years, have you replaced the power supply and hard drives?

Is your server and networking equipment utilizing power protection or USP’s? If so, how old are the UPS’s?

Does your backup get the data offsite? What plans do you have if it does not and someone breaks in a steals your server?

How would you get the data back if it is offsite?

How long would your business be down?

All these questions and several more are part of Black Box Consulting’s comprehensive backup initiative. We know what causes business to fail and backup, or lack thereof, is the number one cause for downtime and senseless expense to businesses that are 100% preventable. Because of this we have developed a comprehensive solution that protects from of these issues and more. We will perform a free network assessment to evaluate all of these potential issues and many more with no obligation. Black Box Consulting’s solution provides you with all the protection you need to protect and recover data, applications, and systems anytime, anywhere, and from any disaster.