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IT Services Phoenix

Looking for IT Services Phoenix?

Black Box Consulting has been in the business of mitigating risk for Phoenix companies for years with our premier Outsourced IT services. Today Black Box Consulting has taken this and other IT services to an entire new level by offering internal audits of your infrastructure by methodically identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating your company’s technology risks. With the ever growing Cloud based IT services offerings along with continued data breaches throughout the world, consumers are justifiably more critical and concerned with who they share their data with. They are now asking how companies they chose to do business with protect their data. Black Box Consulting will certify your business practices to give your customers piece of mind when conducting business with you. Here are some of the areas we identify in our audits:

  • Current Backup strategies and practices
  • Software Licensing
  • Hardware Strategies
  • Network Vulnerabilities
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Data Governance policy and procedures

Many times before an audit is conducted management feels that their current practices are sufficient and have provided the proper level of protection and the correct solutions to secure their networks, their data, and their customers from any vulnerabilities. Often times this is not the case. Most businesses have no idea if their technology is licensed correctly or when their data was last backed up and where it is backed up to. Black Box Consulting also evaluates current approaches to data governance and advises on improvements and better overall strategies and management of data.

Black Box Consulting will provide an unbiased review of your infrastructure and systems that will empower the business to continue with as little risk as possible moving forward. Black Box Consulting’s IT consulting comes from years of experience creating environments for businesses that are free of downtime and unexpected data breaches. Our customers only use industry standard practices and never are under contract agreements to use our services. Our customers continue to utilize our IT service because of how simple and cost effective we make it while providing the best IT servers they have ever experienced.

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