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Phoenix Cosmetic DentistAt Black Box Consulting we are often brought in for a second opinion for what another company is doing and the client wants to know if the information given is accurate and how our approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Management) would be different than their current strategy. We love these types of opportunities as we are able to establish trust quickly by providing a non-biased audit of what is actually being done and accomplished. Many times we find many opportunities for improvement. Occasionally we find the current provider and approach is doing a fantastic job and we are happy to disclose this information either way. Every customer has a different voice and each website focuses on different areas of expertise. Finding the lowest hanging fruit for them to attract customers is our passion and mission with SEO. Ultimately the search engines hold the final say as to where their website will rank. We do our best to manage expectations of our clients before the projects begin. This way there is a clear goal in mind and known by all parties involved before work begins.

Dr. Tent Smallwood is a fantastic dentist. As a person who has built his reputation throughout the country as one of the top cosmetic dentist in the country and premier speaker to this and many other topics we were and are thrilled to be his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. We have spent countless hours helping to reach his digital marketing goals. We are excited to bring him to the next level with Brand management with our SMM (Social Media Management) package as well. As he can attest to, managing your brand online and communicating with those that are talking about you is a challenge and a vital part of Social Media Management.

Dr Trent Smallwood has also published two manuals which is being used by other cosmetic dentists around the United States. You can view more information and purchase the manuals at a website we built and manage for him.

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