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Lost & Found Project

Social media management

Lost and Found Pets

Often times Black Box Consulting is brought on to other developer’s projects as SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and SMM, Social Media Management experts. Every day we work hand in hand with other developers to grow their client’s visibility and online presence. Black Box Consulting specializes in these areas of digital marketing where most developers do not. Being able to help them and their clients develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy is what we do best. Black Box Consulting focuses on enabling the client to be successful with their digital marketing strategy. The way we judge success with Search Engine Optimization is the amount of new and unique visitors to a site and revenue generated from their website. Success with Social Media is a different beast and as it is not a revenue generating marketing tool how can the client judge the performance of their social media efforts? We at Black Box Consulting hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We have developed an effective way to judge the performance of social media marketing. Some of these methods include monitoring engagement levels from both past and potential customers of our clients as well as brand reach with those that have and have not yet experienced their products or services. Are you effectively reaching your customers through the use of social Media?

Lost and Found Pets Project has been extremely successful through the use of social media marketing. Attracting new visitors to their Facebook page as well as overall reach and exposure to their service, which is really their passion, of reuniting lost pets with their owners while providing related services to the pet owner who is a member of their website.

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