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Phoenix Organic SEO verses Pay-Per-Click

Phoenix Organic SEO

Phoenix Organic SEO

This continues to be a question we get asked on a regular basis and one that we continue to respond in the same fashion even with the recent changes to pay-per-click (PPC) layout from Google. If your website is nowhere to be found in the Phoenix Organic SEO section of search results, PPC is a quick method to get to the first page, but at what cost? With the recent changes to PPC, removing the right hand side ads from all search results, they have limited the amount of ads that run at one time. So what does this mean to companies utilizing or contemplating starting a PPC campaign?

With the decreased amount of real estate for PPC a natural rise in prices occurs to get your ad placed in the relevant search terms. Keep in mind that today the average click through rate has not yet changed from this massive update from Google. Which means not only are the ads more expensive and viewed less, you are also going to see a dramatic decrease in conversions. The current industry average click through rate for PPC is 1.7 to 3.3 percent. This is a very low number to begin with and with less ads placed the conversion rate is sure to drop even more. Today according to most independent sources the industry average conversion for Phoenix Organic SEO is 14 to 15 percent. A much higher conversion rate equals more new leads and more potential new clients/customers.

Black Box Consulting only follows white hat strategies for Phoenix Organic SEO. We have a tried and true system to getting you on the first page and more importantly getting the phone to ring. We do not do contracts, we do not ask to be paid up front for our services, and we manage your expectations correctly and honestly. If you are interested in a free Website evaluation call (602) 266-0042 today!

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Best SEO Company

Best SEO Company

Best SEO Company

Customers are always asking why they have to blog. So far with all of the changes to the algorithm Google has made, since incorporating the importance of content, this focus has never changed! Content is king and if you aren’t working on your website, they don’t feel you are the expert for your category. It is not difficult to hit the content requirements by the search engines and the Best SEO Company’s know this and advise their customers all the time on how to do be successful with this requirement. Write one blog a month! That’s it, nothing difficult, but as the phone for sales people can weigh 1000 pounds, the keyboard and time to write one article is like pulling teeth. The Best SEO Company’s in the world do not enjoy adding things for their client’s long list of items they must do to be successful. It is not our goal to make your life more challenging. However, without new content, on a regular basis, you will never be viewed as the expert we know you to be in your field by the search engines.

Asking the search engines to place you on the first page for any search can be a very challenging task. When successful you can expect to have potential clients calling you for your products and services. It is the most economical method to drive leads to your company. There are no gorilla marking campaigns that will provide you with better results for a lower cost. We have a focused and strategic method of accomplishing your goals and driving results for our customers. We don’t just care about getting you to the first page of a search result, we want and expect your phone to ring with new opportunities.

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Search Marketing

Search MarketingYou might be amazed to find that today lots of business owners think that the best use of their time is trying to manipulate their website for the sole purpose of improving their SERP. Though some business owners decided to delegate these practices to outside companies that provide these services and are successful some enjoy trying this on their own. So in the spirt of helping I have found a fantastic article written by Pratik Dholakiya with Search Engine Watch. Pratik has covered what he feels are the six most beneficial research studies that all marketers should read, hence the title of the article, “6 Essential Research Studies That Marketers Shouldn’t Miss”. This article provides valuable resources to better understand the basics in SEO.

Let me start by warning you that these articles are fantastic and can be very helpful, that being said they are technical and some things suggested in these articles are for trained professionals and should not be attempted by the novice web developer. In attempting these you can ruin your website and even get it black listed from Google and other search engines. So please ask for help from your web professional if you are at all unsure of what you are doing.

The purpose of SEO is to get your site in front of people that are looking for your products and or services with the hopes of having the opportunity to earn their business now or in the near future. This is why, when done effectively, SEO can be such a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Give this a read and if you have any thoughts that you would like to share with us or for me to respond to please shoot us a message through our website or call us. Take care and happy Friday to you all!

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Organic Search

Organic SearchMyths of the Importance of Organic Search

So there seems to be some misconceptions as to the importance or relevance of organic search results. As social media platforms have grown their members and advertising base they have also found a way to monetize their sites and show profits for their shareholders. Just as Google did, these social media networks have found that they have lots of information on their users and can capitalize on this information by allowing advertisers to tap into this source of data for a fee. They are all forms of pay to play or pay-per-click campaigns. A business sets a dollar budget to spend daily to show their products or services to the audience on the social media platform of their choosing. This can be an effective method of advertising for some but most have found that these are great ways to get their brands recognized or to keep in touch with those that have experienced their products.

The difference between social media advertising and organic search results is very simple to understand. You login to your favorite social media platform to see what your friends are up to. While seeing wonderful pics of your friends and family you see sponsored ads of products and services that you may or may not already be aware of. You might even take note of them and want to try them. And after eight or nine times of seeing the ad you might try the product. Here is the difference for organic search results or Search Engine Optimization. You’re driving your car and you notice that the car pulls to the right every time you drive it. You arrive at your destination, get out and look at the tires and realize, to your dismay, that your front tire is bald and in very bad shape. You take out your trusty smartphone and search Tires Scottsdale for the nearest location for tires from a BBB recommended repair shop. You call, speak to a helpful individual, setup an appointment and buy four new tires from this company.

The point being that with Search Engine Optimization and organic search results you are placing your business in front of people that are looking to spend money with your company TODAY! This is the only form of advertising that drives revenue. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sell your services or products to people that are looking for you right now. Talk to your trusted SEO specialist today to get more traffic which means more money in your doors now.

As always if you have any questions we at Black Box Consulting are always here to help. Thanks for reading…

Google’s latest update

As many of you are aware google has been talking about changing both Google Places as well as Google +. No one knew exactly what changes were going to take place nor did anyone really know when these changes would take place. Well early last week Google changed the way local results were displayed. Before the results would show 7 listings for local businesses and would include their address and phone numbers. Now Google is only displaying three results and have removed the phone numbers of these businesses.

What does this mean to you, the brick and mortar business owner? If you, in the past, had focused your Search Engine Optimization efforts on this local SEO service you more than likely no longer come up on the first page. More than likely you still are on the maps portion however you may not be displayed in what is now being referred to as the three pack. Most of us small business owners had not focused on Google Maps placement as it was never a real priority to users so therefore not to businesses as well. The result of losing these Google Places rankings can be devastating to a small business. Overall there is some fantastic information out that you may find helpful. If you are interested to read the full article I refer to here is a link to Casey Meraz’s article.

We are being asked why this change was made and no one knows exactly why Google decided now was the time to kill google + for businesses and change from the 7 pack display to the 3 pack but they did. If I had to throw and educated guess out it would be this. Over the past ten years’ consumers have become more and more intelligent in the way we search and the results we click on. Throughout this time Google has watched the ads become less and less effective as the users become more aware of them and less inclined to click on them. In Casey Meraz’s article with this change you can clearly see that this change has impacted what people are clicking on.

Below is an image provided in his Article:
Google’s latest update
I for one believe Google did this to help bolster the click through rate of customers Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Before this industry averages were around 1.7% for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. Here is a breakdown of where people are clicking on the page:
Google’s latest update

When you are obtaining business from things like google places, and had become reliant on this search result to drive traffic to their site a change like this one can deeply impact your business. Additional traffic, as you know, equals additional revenue for your business. So what should you and your marketing team or SEO Company be focusing on to improve your chances of being in the three pack results not provided by Google? This is the million-dollar question! We at Black Box Consulting Still feel strongly that after some time and adjustment and education the consumer will go back to clicking on the organic links far more than any ad link. Only time will tell and if this is not what happens then there maybe reason to try PPC again if it’s affordable to go along with your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Please feel free to tell us what you think or if you have questions. We are here to help, thanks for reading…

Local SEO Versus National

Local SEO PhoenixOver the years we have received a great number of questions asked about which is more important, Local SEO or National SEO. Most often the answer to this question is a direct reflection of the business the person is in that is asking the question. Most often the business gains the majority of its clients from the local area and so local would be the most effective use of their time and efforts. This is not always the case and in rare instances a case can be made for focusing on and attracting a national audience.

That being said most service based businesses would only ever want local traffic. Even when their brand is a national company, they should be focusing in on local markets they play in. Many reasons exist to support this thinking. A few would be that it will always be simpler and more effective to target a local area then the entire country. Another reason behind this approach would be that most people who are looking for a service or product look for it in their geographical area. Meaning if you are looking for a new Granite Kitchen Countertop the average consumer would search kitchen counter AZ or insert your geographic location.

Another example of this would be a consumer looking for new tires for their car. Again most people will look for a company within a 5-mile radius of their location for a provider of whatever service or product that they are looking for. Therefore, it would be important to gain positions on the first age for any relevant search term that would include the local information as this is the natural behavior of your customers and how they are going to find your products and or services.

This is again one approach to Search Engine Optimization and many aspects should be considered before finalizing any strategic SEO plan for your organization. Consult your favorite Digital Marketing expert for what your best and most effective approach should be.

If you don’t know an SEO expert, we at Black Box Consulting are always here to help and will provide free evaluations of your site and your plan. Good luck and have a great week!

Search Engine Optimization Phoenix Part 5

Search Engine Optimization PhoenixHello again and welcome back to our Ten Things to know about Search Engine Optimization Phoenix Last week we spoke about the importance of on-page and off-page optimization and how these are both important and effective. This week in our 5th and final installment of Ten Things to know about Search Engine Optimization Phoenix we will be focusing on the importance of using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and having an effective Social Media strategy. What do these have to do with Search Engine Optimization you ask? Well let’s answer the question now.

  1. Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools

Utilizing analytic data is vitally important. Understanding traffic patterns and where your unique visitors are coming from are made possible with the use of Google Analytics. Though these days some of the usefulness of these tools have been limited to due to Google no longer sharing some of the key information any longer, it can still be helpful identifying issues with specific pages or opportunities for improvement. Webmaster Tools can be utilized in some of the same fashion but can show much more valuable data such as the terms used to find your site by potential customers. However, keep in mind that sometimes the data shown in these tools have been known to be less than accurate at times with many factors at play. This in no way means that they should not be used, but that they should be a tool and not viewed as gospel truth or statements of facts.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is a very hot topic these days and everyone seems to have an opinion of what the correct method of handling social media is and should be. This is what we say; Social Media is a very effective brand management tool. It is a fantastic way to get in front of people that you might not normally have an opportunity to reach with your products or services. But from and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint there is one very important use for it, gaining backlinks. These are natural backlinks that help to show the search engines that you are working on growing your audience. Are they as heavily weighted as some insider industry publication back links are? No. But they have merit and value and for small to medium businesses are obtainable. Utilize your social networks that you play in to talk about what you or your company is doing. Link back to your website as the source of information. This way they see your site as the expert source for this information. And don’t forget to boost those posts or you are wasting your time.

So overall we have reviewed our top ten things for Search Engine Optimization practices are. Every company will have their own opinions as to what is most important to them for you to do. However, if these are not included somewhere in there you know that you are not going to be as successful with your Search Engine Optimization project.

Search Engine Optimization Phoenix

Search Engine Optimization PhoenixWelcome back for our fourth installation to our multi-part series on our Ten Things to know about Search Engine Optimization Phoenix. Last week we focused on content and keeping the content changing and fresh like our businesses. A businesses website is a living breathing representation of the companies they represent. Make them personal, professional, and enjoyable for your visitors as well as the search engines. This week we are focusing on two main keys to the success with regards to SEO practices which are On-page and Off-page optimization.

  1. On-page Optimization

On-page Optimization consists of things like html tags, Alt tags, keywords and search terms. All of these are very important and should be completed for each and every page on the site. Many times people get fixated with the supposed most effective “one thing” of the day that will increase your overall SERP. This is a short sighted and ineffective approach to your websites effectiveness. Search Engines like Google don’t care about “one thing” they are continuously looking for the best all-around expert for whatever their customer is searching for. Taking a holistic approach to your site with long-term goals is the most effective method for a successful SEO Phoenix Strategy.

  1. Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization, which has been getting a lot of attention lately, is one of things that some people like to focus on as the “one thing”. However, it is not one you want to focus on too much. People have been known to pay for back linking services. Those of you that have done this, know all too well how detrimental this can be to your website and its overall performance. Paying for backlinks is a serious offense and one that can and will get you black listed from Google. So grow your back links carefully the old fashion way, earn them like the rest of us.

This week’s lesson consists of two very important principles, 1. When it comes to updating your tags and other best practices on your site pay close attention to the details and 2. Grow your back links organically. Don’t cheat the system. I hope you all return next week for the last two focus items for our Top Ten Things to know about Search Engine Optimization Phoenix.

For more information about Black Box Consulting and our SEO services visit our website at

Phoenix SEO Plan Continued

Phoenix SEO PlanPhoenix SEO

Last week we learned about the importance of strategic SEO efforts as well as images and video. Once you have selected the proper format or foundation for the site, developing the correct navigation strategy and design attributions, strategizing who your target market is, and creating your images or video for the site, it is time to tackle the most important piece of the website, content. Content is king and will remain the number one way to have search engines place you in front of potential customers or clients.

5. Content is King 

Creating content that the search engines find compelling is vital for your Phoenix SEO efforts to be successful. Writing content allows the search engine to verify what you do and what makes you an authority for your subject matter which should focus on subjects that targets your consumer. The key is to write content with your goals in mind and allow them to be written as naturally as possible. Utilizing keywords and terms into your writing helps to keep the flow as seamless as possible. You never Want your terms to be added after you have already written your content. This practice is common but it reads as if there was no thought put into the article.

6. Blogging

Sticking with your content focus this week, one of the most important things about content is to always be developing new content. Keep in mind that most people do not visit a site and read the content on the pages. With any strategic local, in this case Phoenix SEO, Search Engine Optimization efforts the content is for the search engines, not the visitor. The purpose of content on a website is there for one reason only, to let search engines know that you are the expert in your field and placed in front of people that are looking for the expert in your industry. Regardless of whether or not you are focusing on Phoenix SEO or Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization, it does not matter.

So the two takeaways this week are as follows: content is king, and changing content keeps your site alive and moving in the right direction. Becoming the experts, in the eyes of the search engines, will help to advance your ranking and place you in front new potential clients.

For more information about Black Box Consulting and our SEO services visit our website at

Windows 10 Scam Alert

Beware of a New Scam for Users New Windows 10

As most people are learning about the benefits of the free upgrade being offered from Microsoft to move your computer from Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 to the new Windows 10, some are learning the hard way of a new and very real scam. This scam is an email that appears as if it is coming directly from Microsoft but it’s not. The email is being spoofed, which is a very simple process that anyone can do, that makes it look as though the email is sent from “update(at)” and offers the unsuspecting victim the opportunity to receive Windows 10 for free and be moved to the front of the line.

 However, what happens next is not the free upgrade to Windows 10. Once the user has downloaded the .zip file and executed the executable file the user is then greeted with this image:


Once you see this what has happened is the software that the user just launched has secretly ran a software known as CTB-Locker, which is a form of ransomware. This software searches your computer for data and encrypts it. Your files, including all your photos, documents, and anything else it finds, are securely locked so you cannot access them unless you pay. Ransomware scams are a relatively recent form of attack and are continuing to evolve and update regularly. So the best advice one can give is to be very careful not to open any attachments via email. Even ones that look as legit as coming from Microsoft, or even someone in your contacts.

It is a shame that there is another news worthy story about Windows 10 that will detract from the operating system and how good it is. Our advice to users is to have your trusted professional help you take advantage of the free upgrade if you are interested. It is a fantastic operating system and is already converting users from Widows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 in droves, with over 14 million PC’s upgraded in the first 24 hours alone.


Source provided by Cisco