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Don’t Roll the Dice on your SEO

SEO PackagesSEO Packages

We currently do not offer cookie cutter SEO packages.

Does your business fit a mold? Why should your SEO?

Beware of SEO package offering’s this usually means the SEO practices will be approached from a cookie cutter method.

At Black Box Consulting we complete a full evaluation of your business vertical, target market and competition. Then design a plan of action which will provide results. We take the time to understand your business and the SEO competition which is unique for every website and business. Our SEO team will consider all aspects including your budget before a proposal is provided. Don’t worry our SEO proposal will be affordable and best of all NO SEO CONTRACTS! If we don’t provide results fire us. Our # 1 goal is to increase your revenue stream from your website, after all why pay us or any SEO Company if we do not generate revenue for your business.

Consider this on SEO Packages:

How can they offer a price without an evaluation of your website and business?

What work, if any, will they actually do?

Will they take the time to provide effective SEO Strategies or will my site get blacklisted for black hat or outdated strategies?

Always consider the cost? Is the price too low for the volume of work needed, or too high for your business?

Our SEO Consultation includes:

A free evaluation of your website for SEO Factors such as

Content, URL’s, Titles, Image Alt Tags, Link Tags, Key word usage, H Tags with keyword usage Bold, italic, social media. Current Keyword focus, Target market Focus, Current (SERP) Search Engine Results Page ranking. Competitor Analysis.

Our proposal will take all of the above into consideration. We also evaluate your input to the project. Do you have the time to help with content writing for blogs etc. Are you spending advertising dollars in online ads etc. Once we have a clear picture of your SEO needs we can then evaluate the time we will have to spend to make this successful and provide you with a SEO Quote for your success.

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