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smmBlack Box Consulting prides itself in how we set ourselves apart from the large agency style Social Media Marketing philosophy. Most agency’s take the monitoring approached to Social Media Management. This approach is one that allows the agency to see what is being said about a client today. But it does not address the issue of wanting or needing to get in front of new customers or voices online. At Black Box Consulting we feel passionately that in order to be successful in this space we must be engaging the audience and growing the fans and acknowledging any issues that arise from the filter less internet reviewers. Helping businesses of all sizes with this practice is one we have become proficient at over the years and we can help you grow your brand online.

Side by side with our clients we create a plan of action based on your company needs and goals. We ensure that our design is made for your target audience, resulting in an efficient marketing strategy. After a plan is devised, proper construction is key. Each component must be built around the brand and target market, which makes for a proper and effective foundation. The harmonious relationship between all elements will make your Social Media Management a successful campaign across all platforms. Strategizing and building are both extremely important activities, the execution must be completed through proper engagement, using brand voice, while still speaking the language of the intended audience. Each of our efforts are measured for effectiveness, on a regular basis. Campaigns are analyzed and reported, in order to evaluate which inferior and superior marketing strategies. This will also allow us to determine if any shifts need to be made, in order to generate better results.