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Responsive website designBlack Box Consulting has a different take on Website development than most web developers.

Developers of websites are mostly concerned with the visual appeal of the site itself. How a site looks is very important to us as well. That being said we’re more motivated by something else other than just overall look as feel. Over the years of experience of developing websites we have come to know a few very simple truths. These truths are what guides us and helps to be successful with our clients. First off if the site looks beautiful but the visitor cannot find what they are looking for within one to two clicks the site has failed and you’ve lost potential revenue. Another, if the site is slow to load the first time a visitor comes to the website you are much more likely to again miss out on a new client or customer. And if the potential customer searches for your products and services in one of over three hundred search engines to choose from and your website does not come up, who cares how pretty and functional your website is? Black Box Consulting believes that if you build your brand online with your website site being the physical representation of that brand you should make money from that website. If you do not you have a very expensive business card that never gets into the hands of your potential customers.

Nancy Stillings understood the need to have a good foundation when starting her online brand. Nancy brought us on as her web developers to establish a clean yet simple website that in the future would be able to attract new customers. What we created for her is a perfectly simple site that is functional as well as easy to navigate through and find what you need quickly.


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