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Local SEO Versus National

Local SEO Company PhoenixOver the years we have received a great number of questions asked about which is more important, Local SEO or National SEO. Most often the answer to this question is a direct reflection of the business the person is in that is asking the question. Most often the business gains the majority of its clients from the local area. And so local would be the most effective use of their time and efforts. This is not always the case. In rare instances a case can be made for focusing on and attracting a national audience.

Local Versus National SEO

That being said most service based businesses would only ever want local traffic. Even when their brand is a national company, they should be focusing in on local markets they play in. Many reasons exist to support this thinking. A few would be that it’ll always be simpler and more effective to target a local area then entire country. Another reason behind this approach would be that most people who are looking for a service or product look for it in their geographical area. Meaning if you are looking for a new Granite Kitchen Countertop the average consumer would search kitchen counter AZ or insert your geographic location.

Another example of this would be a consumer looking for new tires for their car. Again most people will look for a company within a 5-mile radius of their location for a provider of whatever service or product that they are looking for. Therefore, it’d be important to gain positions on the first page for relevant search terms that include the local information. This is the natural behavior of your customers and how they are going to find your products and or services.

This is again one approach to Search Engine Optimization. Furthermore, many aspects should be considered before finalizing any strategic SEO plan for your organization. Consult your favorite Digital Marketing expert for what your best and most effective approach should be.

If you don’t know an SEO expert, we at Black Box Consulting are always here to help and will provide free evaluations of your site and your plan. Good luck and have a great week!