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Local SEO is an attempt to optimize the websites of local businesses whose target market is within a certain geographic area.
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The local SEO rules have changed. No longer is it ok to list a bunch of local cities, Google Places and citations no longer carry the weight it did last year. Your website content matters the most as the search engines want to serve up websites relevant to the searchers query. No amount of offsite SEO will matter if content is absent on your website. This is the first thing our Phoenix Local SEO teams evaluate for every potential client, then make recommendations.

What is local SEO and why is it important?

Local SEO is an attempt to optimize the websites of local businesses whose target market is within a certain geographic area e.g. Phoenix, AZ so they will come up when someone nearby searches for their vertical. This is important for local businesses of course so potential clients find them and not the competition just a block away.

One of the key issues our Local SEO team frequently runs into when evaluating a website for local SEO is the absence of relevant content or worse no content on home pages. The home page of your website carries the most weight and it is imperative that relevant content for your target is found on your home page. Your customers are looking for useful relevant information and they have no desire to work (click through) to find out if your business provides what they need, this is the same concept search engines operate on. Especially now that 60% of searches are being done on a mobile device.

Enter Google Mobilegeddon, is your website mobile friendly?

With the launch of this new update in April 2015 websites which are not mobile friendly will lose its rank on mobile searches to mobile friendly sites. This is as it should be as websites which are not mobile lose those clients anyway as a mobile visitor cannot easily identify what they are search for on a site which is not mobile responsive. Black Box Consulting have been building mobile friendly/responsive websites since the introduction of this technology several years ago. Our clients have not had to worry about Mobilegeddon, well at least not the sites we built. We do provide SEO services for websites which were not built by us.

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