National SEO Optimization

National SEO is more competitive than Local SEO and as such takes more time and resources.

National SEO VS Local SEO what’s the difference?

National SEO is more competitive than Local SEO and as such takes more time and resources. At this point you are not only going up against the competition in your Local Geographic, but national and international competition with much broader search queries. Due to the increased effort that National SEO requires, it generally cost more than Local SEO in Phoenix. The first question should be, does my company need National SEO?

Do I need National SEO Optimization?

To answer this you first answer who is your target market. Is my product or service for national clients or Local clients? Typically Ecommerce companies benefit most from National SEO as they need to reach a much wider customer base. However even in some ecommerce markets it may be better to start out with Local SEO, then as this client base is built expand into National Markets. Another approach is to start both National SEO and Local SEO at the same time since the National search market will usually take more time to show results.

National SEO Phoenix

The National SEO process.

With your target market is the national front, a complete evaluation of your business website architecture, your competition, keyword/phrases and Local performance is necessary.

A marketing plan is then put into place to encompass search engine marketing, social media and reputation monitoring. Comprehensive edits may then be necessary for your website to be optimized for target markets. This may include site architecture, content editing and overall website navigation.

Once the website itself is optimized then the off-site optimization should be implemented. This may include PR promotions, Blogging, Social Media marketing, Banner Ads and of course relevant link building. Yes Link building still matters however the quality of the links are important and mass link purchasing will hurt rather than help. These are the areas where it is better to get National SEO Expert Services from the National SEO teams at Black Box Consulting in Phoenix working for you.

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