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Organic Search

Myths of the Importance of Organic Search

So there seems to be some misconceptions as to the importance or relevance of organic search results. As social media platforms have grown their members and advertising base they have also found a way to monetize their sites and show profits for their shareholders. Just as Google did, these social media networks have found that they have lots of information on their users. And they can capitalize on this information by allowing advertisers to tap into this source of data for a fee. They are all forms of pay to play or pay-per-click campaigns.

A business sets a dollar budget to spend daily to show their products or services to the audience on the social media platform of their choosing. This can be an effective method of advertising for some. But most have found that these are great ways to get their brands recognized or to keep in touch with those that have experienced their products.

The difference between social media advertising and organic search results is very simple to understand. You login to your favorite social media platform to see what your friends are up to. While seeing wonderful pics of your friends and family you see sponsored ads of products and services that you may or may not already be aware of. You might even take note of them and want to try them. And after eight or nine times of seeing the ad you might try the product.

Here is the difference for organic search results or Search Engine Optimization. You’re driving your car and you notice that the car pulls to the right every time you drive it. Then, you arrive at your destination, get out and look at the tires. You realize, to your dismay, that your front tire is bald and in very bad shape. Then you take out your trusty smartphone and search Tires Scottsdale for the nearest location for tires from a BBB recommended repair shop. Lastly, you call, speak to a helpful individual, setup an appointment and buy four new tires from this company.

The point being that with Search Engine Optimization and organic search results you are placing your business in front of people that are looking to spend money with your company TODAY! This is the only form of advertising that drives revenue. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sell your services or products to people looking for you right now. Talk to your trusted SEO specialist today to get more traffic which means more money in your doors now.

As always if you have any questions we at Black Box Consulting are always here to help. Thanks for reading…