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Phoenix Organic SEO versus Pay-Per-Click

Phoenix Organic SEO

Phoenix Organic SEO

This continues to be a question we get asked on a regular basis and one that we continue to respond in the same fashion even with the recent changes to pay-per-click (PPC) layout from Google. If your website is nowhere to be found in the Phoenix Organic SEO section of search results, PPC is a quick method to get to the first page, but at what cost? With the recent changes to PPC, removing the right hand side ads from all search results, they have limited the amount of ads that run at one time. So what does this mean to companies utilizing or contemplating starting a PPC campaign?

With the decreased amount of real estate for PPC a natural rise in prices occurs to get your ad placed in the relevant search terms. Keep in mind that today the average click through rate has not yet changed from this massive update from Google. Which means not only are the ads more expensive and viewed less, you are also going to see a dramatic decrease in conversions. The current industry average click through rate for PPC is 1.7 to 3.3 percent. This is a very low number to begin with and with less ads placed the conversion rate is sure to drop even more. Today according to most independent sources the industry average conversion for Phoenix organic SEO is 14 to 15 percent. A much higher conversion rate equals more new leads and more potential new clients/customers.

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