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Phoenix Search Engine Optimization Part 2

Last week we spoke about the importance of choosing the correct platform for your website and the overall look and feel of your website with regards to the performance of Phoenix Search Engine Optimization. This week we will focus on the meat of the website. Strategy is a very important when it comes to the performance of any successful Phoenix Search Engine Optimization campaign. Understanding the lowest hanging fruit will place you and your products or services in front of more customers and more importantly the right potential customers. The other topic is the importance of good quality images and video on your site.

3. Strategic Search Engine Efforts

Regardless of what you or your business does, you should find the most popular ways people are searching for your products or services. However, if you are in a highly competitive vertical, you should consider the terms you target and therefore target your customers as well as your competition? If you find that your competition targets a set of terms that have the most search traffic associated with them go after those terms that may place your site in front of fewer people but you might be on some results that don’t have your toughest competition. Therefore, you win more clients and or sales.

 4. Images and Videos

Did you know that people don’t read anymore? Visitors to a new website take less than 30 seconds to decide that they either like your company/brand or they don’t. Images and videos do not attracted people to your site but they do help to retain them once they are there. If you have not heard yet, valuable content is king for Search Engine Optimization Phoenix or any geographical search strategy! The written words on the site have very little to do with the visitors. It helps Google, and the other search engines, evaluate your brand and place you where you fit in, based on the relevant search phrase typed by the person searching. Business owners never remember that words on the site are not for the readers, because we as a society, don’t read. One very important thing to note with regards to video, never, never auto play a video on your website. This does not do you any good, this offends and makes people that might have used your services or goods leave!

Come back next week to see my number 5 and 6 of our top ten things to know about Phoenix Search Engine Optimization. Thanks for reading and may all of your SEO efforts bring large amounts of traffic to your website.