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Being Phoenix SEO Experts, people are always asking our advice. As of late, rumors are of the chain about updates to the algorithm. Google, and 300 national search engines, are always making adjustments to their algorithm. The point of this is to continue to level the playing field while providing the most accurate results to their perspective searchers.  As of late there has been many rumors of a significant Google SEO Algorithm Update coming. Some rumors seem to be more legitimate than others, but isn’t this always the case?

Content is King

Some things Phoenix SEO experts know are important and will continue to be important. Number 1, Content is still and always will be king. If you are working on the content located on your website, this shows the search engines that you are actively working on your business. This has been an important factor of the algorithm, and will continue to be in the future.

Securing the Website

One thing you may want to do when updating your site is adding SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to your website. Securing the internet is something that has been and still is one of the most important things to accomplish from search engines’ points of view. This makes sense for many reasons. One of which is Google (AKA search Engines) does not want to send their customers to a website that has been hacked or infected in any way. This looks bad on Google when it happens. They are very good about warning their customers or users of possible issues. However, they are not perfect, how could anyone expect them to be.

When looking at your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) report, look at your site’s bounce rate in Google Analytics. If this number is high, look at the pages people are going to and leave in a short time. If someone views one page and leaves immediately, this is a bad sign of something they do not like. So, if you can figure out what they don’t like and change it, this can have a shockingly positive outcome for the conversions of the site. Until next time, happy searching!