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Search Engine Optimization Phoenix Part 5

Hello again and welcome back to our Ten Things to know about Phoenix Search Engine Optimization. Last week we spoke about the importance of on-page and off-page optimization and how these are both important and effective. This week in our 5th and final installment of Ten Things to Know about Phoenix Search Engine Optimization, we will be focusing on the importance of using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and having an effective Social Media strategy. What do these have to do with Search Engine Optimization you ask? Well let’s answer the question now.

Search Engine Optimization AZ

  1. Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools

Utilizing analytic data is vitally important. Understanding traffic patterns and where your unique visitors are coming from are made possible with the use of Google Analytics. Though these days some of the usefulness of these tools have been limited to due to Google no longer sharing some of the key information any longer, it can still be helpful identifying issues with specific pages or opportunities for improvement. Webmaster Tools can be utilized in some of the same fashion but can show much more valuable data such as the terms used to find your site by potential customers. However, keep in mind that sometimes the data shown in these tools have been known to be less than accurate at times with many factors at play. This in no way means that they should not be used, but that they should be a tool and not viewed as gospel truth or statements of facts.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is a very hot topic these days and everyone seems to have an opinion of what the correct method of handling social media is and should be. This is what we say; Social Media is a very effective brand management tool. It is a fantastic way to get in front of people that you might not normally have an opportunity to reach with your products or services. But from and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint there is one very important use for it, gaining backlinks. These are natural backlinks that help to show the search engines that you are working on growing your audience. Are they as heavily weighted as some insider industry publication back links are? No. But they have merit and value and for small to medium businesses are obtainable. Utilize your social networks that you play in to talk about what you or your company is doing. Link back to your website as the source of information. This way they see your site as the expert source for this information. And don’t forget to boost those posts or you are wasting your time.

So overall we have reviewed our top ten things for Search Engine Optimization practices are. Every company will have their own opinions as to what is most important to them for you to do. However, if these are not included somewhere in there you know that you are not going to be as successful with your Search Engine Optimization project.